In This Special Hardgainer Report:

Hardgainer Lesson #1: Your Body's Most Anabolic Hormone... and how to trigger an EXPLOSIVE SURGE of new growth!
Hardgainer Lesson #2: The Hardcore Training Technique That Targets
337% More Muscle Fibers!
Hargainer Lesson #3: The $.08 "Miracle Supplement" That Literally DOUBLES Muscle-Protein Uptake For Crazy New Mass Gains!

And MUCH, MUCH More!

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Eddys - BeforeScrawny, Desperate "Hardgainer" With The Body
Of A 10-Year Old Boy Scout
Turns "Human Lab Rat" For
A Radical New Muscle
Building Experiment!

12 Weeks Later He's Forced To Convince His Friends...

"I Swear...I'm NOT On Steroids!"

Discover The Simple 3-Step Training Program That Slapped On 20 LBS Of Rock Hard Muscle!

PLUS...Meet The Other "Lab Rats"!
Dan - Before
Subject: Dan
"Muscles Of Marshmallow"
Before - Scott
Subject: Scott
"Tell My Wife To Stop Laughing!"
Before - Andy
Subject: Andy
"Built For Bodybuilding..Or Ballet?"
Before - Drew
Subject: Drew
"Skinny-Fat Guy Syndrome"
Mkhail - Before
Subject: Mkhail
"The Muscle Just Won't STICK"















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