YES JEFF! I want to banish my sucky genetics FOREVER and FINALLY build some serious muscle mass! I'm sick of being the "little guy" at the gym and I promise to work my ass off at being your next "human lab rat" success story after putting into action the...

HPX Quick Start Guide - I'll be in the gym packing on muscle TODAY if I want to!

HPX 3-Step Training Manual - My muscle fibers will be begging for mercy...but I'M in charge now!

HPX Nutrition Guide - No more stuffing myself like a pig to gain mass! The HPX method of eating will make it EASY to drive my body's mass gaining through the roof!

HPX Supplement Guide - No more crappy, worthless supplements drilling a hole in my pocket! Now I'll be armed with the cheapest, most effective formulas and I can make an educated decision on what REALLY works best for my goals!

Now I'll tell you...

When it comes to pricing a package like this, you don't "pay by the page" pay for RESULTS!

Even though my programs are the best value on the net, the fact is, I'm tired of dealing with whiney cry-babies who can't commit to taking charge of their life by investing in a guaranteed winner of a transformation program but turn around and waste their freaking money on some glitzy supplement that won't do them a damn bit of good!

Besides, my "Human Lab Rats" paid up to $127 just to be EXPERIMENT with the program...

...and it wasn't even in the finished form that YOU will be getting!

Fact is, the refined version of the program works even BETTER than the results you've seen on this site and it's well worth the hefty price tag it's going to be simply because...

than any other "skinny guy" program you've tried!

If THAT'S not worth you dishing out a couple of clams then don't waste your time, and especially MINE!

However, I DO want to get some more good "before and after" pictures of some more "human lab rats" so if you'll promise ME that you'll give HPX a fair shot, then I'm going to run a special "reduced price" for this week's launch before I jack up the price to the "normal".

Here's the deal...

Hardgainer Project XThis Is A Very Real $127 Value...

Yours For Just $127 $67!

That's less than the cost of ONE SINGLE SESSION with a personal trainer!

But don't think that you're going to be left fumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out how to put the program into action.

I know that if you're ever going to conquer your genetic limitations, you're going to need a true step-by-step program that will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way, right?

That's why...


If You Take Advantage Of This Offer
RIGHT NOW You'll Get These

Bonus 4
Hardgainer Workouts

FREE HPX Workout Journal
Your Fill-In-The-Blank Gym Buddy!

Anyone who has seen my bodybuilding programs knows that I like to make things "Homer Simpson-simple" in the gym!

That's why I put together a complete "fill-in-the-blank" WORKOUT JOURNAL that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire 3-Step HPX Training Method.

Just choose the exercises YOU want from the Tables I provide and stick some iron in your hands! Value: $39.95 - Yours FREE!

Bonus 5
Hardgainer Exercises

FREE HPX Exercise Guide
Every Exercise Laid Out Step-By-Step!

Throughout my research, I've discovered the most powerful exercises for packing on mass...but a few of them are so "secret", it's possible you've never even heard of them!

So I'll provide you with start-to-finish photos of ALL of the exercises you need so you're not left scratching your head, trying to "figure it all out" on your own!

Easy-to-print-out pages make the HPX Exercise Guide the perfect companion for your Workout Journal to create your own battle plan to dominate your gym! Value: $39.95 - Yours FREE!


Bonus 6
Measure Your Body Fat

FREE eBook: How To Measure Your Body Fat
It's Quick...Easy...And No Special Equipment Needed!

Forget using the scale as a tracking tool!

If you really want to know EXACTLY how much muscle you're packing on, you need to measure your body fat and do the math!

By measuring your body fat, you can monitor changes in lean mass and get the feedback you need to keep you motivated as well as fine-tune your program as you make progress.

Don't don't need to be a rocket scientist to do this! This manual will show you step-by-step how to do it with nothing more than a simple tape measure. Value: $19.95 - Yours FREE!

Bonus 7
Free Software

FREE AGT-5000 Body Tracker Software
Know EXACTLY How Much Muscle You're Building!

Remember the "math" part I told you you needed to master in order to track your muscle gains?

Well you didn't really think I'd make you break out a calculator, did you?

My proprietary software, the "AGT-5000", does ALL the math for you and gives you valuable charts and graphs to show you your gains in full color and with scientific precision!

You'll never again have to "guess" as to whether your training program, nutrition, or supplementation are holding up their end of the workload! Value: $59.95 - Yours FREE!

I'll save you the math...

That's a $286 Value COMPLETE For Just $67!
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And when I said "guarantee", I mean I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS!

"You Build Muscle Or You Don't Pay"

8 Week - 100% Money Back Guarantee

"If My 'Hardgainer Project X' System Does Not
BLOW YOU AWAY As The Most Powerful "Skinny Guy"
Muscle Gaining Program You've Ever Used,
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Sign Up for the "Hardgainer Project X" System... train with the workouts... follow the step-by-step nutrition guide...and put its proven strategies to the test for up to 8 weeks...

...YOU Be The Judge!

All I ask is that you take the program through one full 6-week cycle to allow time for the system to work for you. If after 6 weeks, you aren't noticing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you're getting bigger and harder than ever before, simply contact me to ask for a full refund!

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