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What's Included In The "Hardgainer Project X" Program?

In the mid 1900's when U.R. Darby's uncle struck gold in Colorado, Darby went to help.

His head was filled with dreams of sure-fire riches and he bragged to all of his friends about his venture and the wealth that was ahead of him!

To Darby, it was a complete no-brainer!

But the two men drilled and drilled with nothing more than a speck of gold here and there!

Frustrated, they sold their mining machinery to a junk dealer and went back home, defeated and embarrassed.

Not long after, Darby received a letter from the junk dealer they sold their equipment to.

It seems the dealer had gone and hired a mining engineer to take a look at the mine and they had discovered that...

...the gold vein was just 3 FEET from where
Darby had QUIT drilling!

Not only was Darby a total failure...he failed ONLY because he'd given up on the very doorstep of success and if he had gone just those extra 3 feet, he would have been a VERY rich man!

So what does this story have to do with YOU and your quest for muscle?

Well, you have to ask yourself...are YOU making a "Darby Mistake"?

Have YOU been "drilling away" at building your dream body...perhaps even bragging to YOUR friends about your hard work...but only seeing a few "specks of muscle gain or fat loss" here and there with no real drastic improvements?

If you've gotten as far as this page then it's because SOMETHING has been ignited inside of you and you may once again feel a burning sense of HOPE deep in the pit of your stomach!

Hope that you're NOT doomed to living with a scarecrow's body and pipecleaner arms.

Hope that there really IS a training program built for skinny "hardgainers" that isn't just a bunch of rehashed old articles and outdated training advice

Whatever your reason for coming to this site, you're in the same position Darby was back in the mid 1900's.

YOU are now just 3 FEET from the "gold"!

My 12-week experiment with the skinny "human lab rats" I've introduced you to has proven that my "Hardgainer Project X" programis your absolute best chance for finally packing on the muscle mass that's eluded you for so long.

The only thing holding you back now is to accept my NO-RISK preview of the entire program.

You have a full 12 weeks to take it...train with it...and record your progress using the included tracking software and then decide if it's for you.

So what do you say?

Will YOU quit when you're just 3 feet away from the "gold"?

WAIT...before you answer that, let me show you HOW I'm going to help you FINALLY achieve the body of your dreams...

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