Your Body's 2 Most Anabolic Hormones…
And A Crazy "Tag Team" Technique To
Trigger An Explosive Surge Of Thick New Muscle!

Hardgainer Tips For Fast Mass:

Your Body's Most
Anabolic Hormone...
and how to trigger an
of new growth!

The Hardcore Training Technique That
Targets 373% More
Muscle Fibers!

The $.08 "Miracle Supplement" That Literally DOUBLES Muscle-Protein Uptake For Crazy New Mass Gains!

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What's Included In The "Hardgainer Project X" Program?


"Anabolism" is the biological state your body is in when it's building muscle…

...and the ONLY state you want to be in if your goal is to pack on rock hard mass.

Unfortunately, "hardgainers" are RARELY ever in an anabolic state due to their "fast metabolism" and natural dominance of "catabolic" hormones that course through your body.

In fact, research has shown that as little as just 1% of a hardgainer's testosterone levels are actually even available for stimulating muscle growth.

This is one of the main reasons why skinny guys end up losing any scrap of muscle they're able to put on from all their hard work.

The fact is, your hardgainer body is on a muscle-suicide mission to quickly get rid of every scrap of muscle you gain by decreasing testosterone levels and increasing muscle-wasting, "catabolic" hormones!

The answer?

Trigger a mass-building frenzy by naturally manipulating two of your body's most anabolic hormones…


All guys know how important is to jack up their testosterone levels in order to pack on muscle…

...but the missing link up until now has been how to make testosterone more AVAILABLE to your muscle fibers in order to stimulate rapid growth.

What our research has uncovered is a way to actually manipulate your body's "anabolic drive" by simultaneously increasing free testosterone while super-saturating muscle fibers with a flood of mass-building insulin!

The result is a supersaturation of anabolic drivers that literally force your muscle fibers
to bend to your will and grow far beyond their current limitations!

Here's one step-by-step method for accomplishing this powerful hormone-boosting benefit...

HardgainerTactic #22
A Simple Strategy To INSTANTLY Shift Your
Body's Anabolic Drive Into High Gear...

Your body's anabolic hormones are constantly shifting throughout the day.

At night, your testosterone levels soar and this is your body's prime time to build muscle.

But when you wake up, testosterone levels take a sharp nosedive and the leftover "free testosterone" (the most usable form) goes unused by your muscles and your body's catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormones take over.

But here's how to overcome this challenge and shotgun more free testosterone to your muscles before it waves goodbye...

First thing in the as soon as your feet hit the floor...consume a "high glycemic" meal with more "sugary" carbs, high quality protein, and no fat! (A good example would be a banana, bowl of breakfast cereal, and whey protein isolate mixed with non-fat milk.)

This specific combination of nutrients will create a short-term spike of insulin that will act as a fast transport for your remaining "free testosterone" and shoot it directly into your muscle cells to stop catabolic muscle loss and trigger insane new growth!



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