The $.08 "Miracle Supplement" That
Literally DOUBLES Muscle-Protein Uptake
For Crazy New Mass Gains!

Hardgainer Tips For Fast Mass:

Your Body's Most
Anabolic Hormone...
and how to trigger an
of new growth!

The Hardcore Training Technique That
Targets 373% More
Muscle Fibers!

The $.08 "Miracle Supplement" That Literally DOUBLES Muscle-Protein Uptake For Crazy New Mass Gains!

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What's Included In The "Hardgainer Project X" Program?


Let’s face it…

The greedy SOB’s who own the supplement companies LOVE hardgainers!

Frustrated with their inability to gain muscle, skinny guys would sell their left nut for a magic pill if it was guaranteed to help them gain mass and end the disappointment they feel day after day when looking in the mirror.

The supplement CEO’s know this…and they’re laughing all the way to the bank!

And here’s the worst part of it…

Because ectomorphs are the most challenged guys on the planet at putting on muscle, certain supplements really CAN help them gain an advantage in recovering from their training and stimulating new muscle growth.

Unfortunately, the expensive name brand supplements are NOT the best ones they should be taking!

Combined with a long line of experts who are unfamiliar with which supplements DO work, the ectomorph finds himself at the mercy of slick magazine ads and idiotic forum advice on the internet led by 13-year old knucledragging know-it-alls who know NOTHING!

But what if I told you that the most powerful compounds that really CAN help you pack on slabs of rock hard muscle are also the CHEAPEST…

…and just a few tweaks to your current program can skyrocket your mass building WITHOUT breaking your bank account!

For example, check out the tip below before going to the next page.

It's straight from the pages of the complete Hardgainer Project X program and it will work like MAGIC on your mass-building…

Thing is, hardly ANYONE knows about this supplement but it used to be on the "must have" list for all the "old school" bodybuilders.

Now, it can be YOUR "secret weapon" to blow past all the other guys in the gym!


HardgainerTactic #27
Forget Expensive Supplements! Here's A SUPER CHEAP
One That Will Blow Your Gains Sky High...

It's a fact...skinny ectomorphs have an overabundance of the "stress hormone", cortisol.

Cortisol actually plays a useful role in our bodies but for hardgainers, its catabolic effects are a real hassle as it inhibits important protein synthesis.

That means less protein available for repair of muscle tissue...less size...and MORE frustration!

Add to this that the digestion of proteins actually burns more calories than any other nutrient and you can see why you CAN'T follow the same "protein plan" as others who can gain muscle more easily.

What's the solution?

Try adding DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to your meals!

Now you may think that digestive enzymes (that include either pepsin, papain, or papaya) are just for little old ladies with "tummy problems"...but you'd be mistaken!

In fact, digestive enzymes help to break down nutrients from the food you eat into usable energy.

But another finding dug deeper and found that enzymes improved the absorption of amino acids and increased nitrogen retention.

In a recent clinical study, respondents who consumed digestive enzymes with their meals showed an increase in protein synthesis with free amino acid levels up by 100%...branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) by 250%...and nitrogen retention by 32%!

In short...MUCH better support for muscle repair and growth.

And enzymes can be especially useful for hardgainers in yet one more way...

Since protein uses up more calories in digestion, enzymes can speed up the process, reducing the "thermic effect" of ingested proteins and help you better maintain a caloric surplus for weight gain!

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